Workshop on advanced construction materials using fibres

Fibrenamics is an international platform that belongs to University of Minho that is working across sectors – with an emphasis on architecture, construction, sport, medicine, protection, transport and home textiles – covering all the extraordinary world of fibers.
Underpinned by a multidisciplinary team with scientific fields ranging from a multitude of engineering areas (Textile, Structures, Polymers, Biomedical, Mechanical, Materials, Chemistry, Electronics, etc.) to the human sciences and communication, Fibrenamics has 15 registered patents, more than 500 articles published in scientific journals and conferences, and has several innovative products developed in partnership with industrial players that are a tremendous success in the market. Fibrenamics network has more than 200 entities, from both the Scientific and Technological System (national and international), companies and business agents, elementary and high schools, and the media partners.
Fibrenamics team is divided by working groups with three different purposes: fundamental research; applied research; and marketing, communication and multimedia.
The fundamental research group is dedicate to the production of scientific knowledge, which is the basis of all the work of applied research group. We can count on the contribution of PhD students and post-doctoral from various areas.
The answer to society real problems as well as the transfer of technology to the market in the form of innovative products – grounded at the junction of scientific knowledge with the business technological capacity of Fibrenamics partners – is the daily mission of applied research group. This group develops research and technological development projects directly with companies, creating innovative value-added products to the market.
The marketing, communication and multimedia group is responsible for the daily updats of the platform, establishing partnerships, promoting projects and products to all audiences, as well as do the public relations of Fibrenamics. It is also the responsibility of this group to promote the network within the platform, and interact with various agents of innovation through knowledge transfer activities, such as advanced training courses, workshops, conferences, among others.

Fibrous materials offer very interesting solutions for the construction industry in applications such as concrete reinforcement, soil stabilization, and thermal and acoustic insulation. Fibrous materials used in construction include glass, carbon, aramid, basalt and natural fibers. The advantages of these materials are:

Excellent relation between weight and strength, possessing higher mechanical properties than steel for a reduced weight;
Good relation between thermal resistance and thickness (good thermal insulation);
Good behavior as an acoustic insulator;
Resistance to chemical / biological; (corrosion, microorganisms, etc.);
Good interaction with the ground (geotextiles);
High possibility of structuring fibers (textiles, nonwovens and composites) allowing to design materials that adjust to the application requirements;
Ability to be intelligent (monitoring).
One of the major advantages of their use in buildings is the huge reduction in weight as compared to the conventional materials.

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