Social Programme


14:00 - Shuttle at Lusíada University to Ramos Pinto Port Wine cellars
Meeting point: Conference Venue

14:30 - Visit to Ramos Pinto Port Wine cellars

Port wine companies age the wines they produce in the Demarcated Region of the Douro in cellars, in old wooden barrels. A visit to the wine cellars offers the opportunity to taste different varieties of the Port wine, where you can learn about its history.


Founded by Adriano Ramos Pinto in 1880, Casa Ramos Pinto rapidly became noted, at the time, for its innovative and enterprising strategy. Associated with quality bottled wines, it began operating on the Brazilian market in the early 20th century and quickly became responsible for half of the wine exported to South America, whilst it was still conquering generations of loyal customers in Portugal and Europe.

These were the natural results of a forward thinking strategy, based on the modernisation of selection, batching and ageing circuits, the continuous wine research and the special care which Adriano Ramos Pinto devoted to the packaging and promotion of his wines.
The Ramos Pinto wines have therefore become a reference of quality.
From the very onset was born a unique collection of art objects, which are displayed today in the recently opened Museum Area - Casa Ramos Pinto.

The taste for culture instilled by Adriano Ramos Pinto in the working philosophy of Casa Ramos Pinto, is still alive today. In 1997, Casa Ramos Pinto created the Ervamoira On-Site Museum, aimed at environmental, oenological, archaeological and anthropological research of the Vale do Côa. Researchers also have at their disposal the Historical Archives in Vila Nova de Gaia, with a precious collection of documents on the production and export of wines from the late 19th century.
Aware that the quality of its wines were confined to the earth of the wine producing Douro, Casa Ramos Pinto meticulously studied this Demarcated Region, and eventually became the owners of a number of estates with very special characteristics. The objective was to ensure the control and quality of the whole production process. By perfecting its wines, Ramos Pinto created unique nectars with its own signature.
In 1990, Casa Ramos Pinto became part of the Roederer Group, whose history has identical characteristics. So, the qualities that gave fame to Casa Ramos Pinto took on an international dimension.

15:45 - Shuttle to Serra do Pilar

16:15 - Porto landscapes and corners


At Serra do Pilar, you will have the chance to enjoy amazing views to Douro river and Porto typicall landscapes.

From there, we will walk down the hill and cross the Dom Luís I Bridge: a double-deck metal arch bridge that spans in 172 meters the Douro River linking the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. Once in Porto side, you will have the time to visit Porto Cathedral and also to wander through the city corners and alleys.

18:00 - Visit to Igreja dos Grilos and to the Museum of Sacred Art and Archeology


The Museum of Sacred Art and Archaeology, part of Porto's Seminário Maior de Nossa Senhora da Conceição (Great Seminary of Our Lady of the Conception), is housed in a 17th Century wing of the former Jesuit College of São Lourenço. The museum's remarkable, rich and varied treasures are accommodated in a dynamic and artistically vibrant space that is open to the community and engaged in conserving and communicating the collection. What was once known as the 'corridor of slate' is now a noteworthy gallery of religious sculptures dating back from the 13th to 19th centuries. Sculpture is the true speciality of this museum, as can clearly be seen in the Irene Vilar room. Nevertheless, fascinatingly exceptional examples of painting, illuminated manuscripts, jewellery, vestments, religious adornments and archaeology are also to be found here.

19:00 - Walking at Ribeira

19:30 - Social Dinner at Postigo do Carvão Restaurant

A typicall restaurant of Porto Ribeira will welcome you with a portuguese menu and delicious desserts.

22:00-22:30 – Shuttle to Lusíada University