SB-Lab + Students: Registration

To register your Team, you need to go through 2 steps:

1- Fill the form below and submit it;
2- The Team Coordinator should proceed with the payment of the registration fee, which is available at the Green Lines Institute official website.

*Please do not create a user profile in this website, because it's only for the S-LAB 2017 Conference's Delegates.

STEP 1: please fill in and submit the following form:

Registration Form

The team will be validated only after payment of the registration fee.
Only teams with a valid registration may have access to the complete set of files, including CAD files, and submit their proposals.
Please answer to validate this form:

STEP 2: follow the link to the Green Lines Institute Website and proceed as following:

- Create an User Account on behalf of the Team Coordinator;
- Make the registration payment by selecting the link Products/Registrations/
- Payments are available using Paypal account, Credit Card using Paypal, Bank Transfer and MultiBanco (portuguese only).

After confirmation of payment, a link to the complete files set will be sent to the corresponding author email.